This article is about a Rebel pilot. You may be looking for the Jedi Master Traavis or the author Karen Traviss.

Milar Travis was a Human female who served as a Rebel Alliance starfighter pilot during the Galactic Civil War. During the war against the Galactic Empire, Milar was trained under her mentor, Puck Naeco on how to become a pilot. In 0 BBY, she participated in the Battle of Yavin alongside her mentor.[2]

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Travis (lower right), Luke Skywalker (lower left), and other Rebel pilots being briefed before the Battle of Yavin.

When the Marvel Comics young readers imprint Star Comics adapted Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope for the last three issues of their Droids comic series, the Battle of Yavin sequence in issue 8 did not depict any easily recognizable pilots from the film other than Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles (though Wedge can only be identified through his dialogue rather than his appearance.) On the other hand, characters not depicted in other media were added, including Travis, a tall male pilot with red hair, and a dark-skinned male pilot.

While only Travis' surname appears in her original appearance, her first name was given by Jason Fry in The Essential Guide to Warfare. Fry added the first name "Milar", making the character's name a reference to both Karen Traviss and Karen Miller. Travis was to be identified with the callsign Red Twelve in the guide, but the callsign was given to her mentor Puck Naeco instead.[3]



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