Miletta Sabrin was the leader of the Sabrin Ring during the early years of the New Republic.


Miletta Sabrin was born into an influential, politically-connected family in the Core Worlds. Sabrin joined the Imperial Military, and had a distinguished career including the suppression of several Rebel cells that operated in the Koradin sector. An appointment as Prefect of the Renillis system followed, and she attained the governorship after that. Governor Sabrin held the post for four years until the destruction of Alderaan. Sabrin's attitude towards the Empire changed as she was shocked by the casual brutality and the acceptance and approval of the act by her own staff.

Sabrin's mood darkened as the years passed, as reports of more atrocities reached her desk. But she was no Rebel sympathizer, equating them with terrorists and looking down of them because they associated with smugglers and scoundrels. Around 3 ABY, her husband was killed in a Rebel commando raid. Following the Battle of Endor, Sabrin decided that she could support the Empire no longer but did not wish to live in a Rebel-run galaxy. Gathering some loyal supporters, Sabrin commandeered a frigate and left for the Outer Rim Territories. During the flight, a rival governor attacked her ship. Sabrin won, but the battle cost her the life of her only son, Sallast.

Using classified survey data, she took her people to an uncharted planet in the Samix sector and established her own kingdom, known as the Sabrin Ring. Her forces began raiding neighboring systems for forced labor, and deals made with pirates provided technology and raw materials. The pirates obtained fee passage right to her system, named the Sabrixin system. Sabrin struck a deal with the Hutts to import cheap labor and equipment into the Sabrixin system, while the Hutts received a share of her profits.


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