"Yoohoo! Do you like millaflowers? They're wonderful this time of year!"
―Mia Magansitty[src]

A Millaflower

The millaflower was a pretty ground flower with a fragrant scent. Its scent was so sweet that, it was said, it could soothe a rancor.

Scientific study of the millaflower shows that it creates an airborne chemical which does produce a tranquilized mood. Distilled quantities of this chemical were used for medicinal purposes by licensed pharmacists on Naboo, but there remained a potential to use the chemical in strong enough doses that could kill a subject.

Millaflowers were exported off-world from Naboo, being popular on many worlds for aromatherapy. Kuati physicians, who took a homeopathic approach, prescribed the flowers to promote relaxation and health. However, some trade was does with less licit buyers, who began experimenting with the flowers as a spice, or recreational drug. In 32 BBY, the Senate was investigating this burgeoning problem.

Soon after 32 BBY, the Gungans transported millaflowers and other vegetables and animals to the moon of Ohma-D'un to try and establish an ecosystem. Most of the flora and fauna of Ohma-D'un, however, was destroyed by Separatists during the Battle of Ohma-D'un.




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