Milo Graf was a male human whose parents were frontier explorers. When he was still a youngling, he and his sister Lina were left on a remote planet after their parents were abducted by agents of the Galactic Empire.[1] The two set off to rescue their parents themselves, undertaking a perilous journey across Wild Space. During their adventures, the Graf siblings fell into a trap laid by a cruel Imperial captain named Visler Korda.[2] Some time thereafter, the Grafs ended up tracing their parents' latest clue to a far-off jungle world that housed a monstrous beast.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Nothing like getting up close and personal to nature."
―Milo Graf, to his sister[src]

Although he was not a particularly rebellious child, Graf had a habit of running off because of his natural curiosity. He had a keen interest in nature, and he liked to capture unknown alien creatures to study them.[1]

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