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Mind Walking was the name given to the process in which Mind Walkers entered and remained in the realm they called "beyond shadows." Through a specific type of meditation, their consciousnesses entered beyond shadows and left their bodies behind. The technique was learned by Jacen Solo during his five year sojourn following the Yuuzhan Vong War, and several years later by Luke and Ben Skywalker, who were retracing Solo's steps to find out what had caused his fall to the dark side. Soon after, in 44 ABY, the Skywalkers allied with the Lost Tribe of Sith for a mission to eliminate Abeloth. After traveling to Abeloth's homeworld in the Maw, the Skywalkers, along with Sith High Lord Sarasu Taalon, Sith Saber Gavar Khai, and Captain Leeha Faal, Mind Walked beyond shadows in an attempt to locate Abeloth. Skywalker would Mind Walk one more time in an attempt to stop Abeloth.


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