Mindabaal was a planet located in the Inner Rim of the galaxy. It was the site of the Mindabaal Royal Academy and the homeworld of Mindabaal Custom yachts. Josephine Donovan was going to sign a treaty ratifying Mindabaal's membership in the Galactic Empire, but she was kidnapped by Jericho Donovan, her smuggler sister. The two returned to their homeworld to discover that the planet's population had been nearly wiped out by Imperial bombardment. Their father, the rightful king of Mindabaal, Lord James Ortell Donovan, was rumored to have escaped.

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Behind the scenesEdit

There appears to be some conflicting sources about whether Mindabaal is in the Inner or Outer Rim. The The Essential Atlas Online Companion places it in the Inner Rim which is the most recent and highest canon source for planetary placement.

Part of the problem is the discrepancy of the shading of Inner Rim vs. Colonies between the main galactic map and the "blow-up" map where Mindabaal is present on. The boundaries of the Inner Rim changes significantly in coordinate J-13[2]


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