The Mindnet was a network that linked the cyborg implants of all Marasans into one cohesive communication unit. This allowed each of the Marasan elected officials, called Electnodes, to collect and analyze the opinions of citizens, as well as debate policy with one another, with almost instant access to new information. The Marasan leader, titled the Grand Daern, later collated the information and made the final judgment. This system led to fast and efficient decision-making. Its only flaw was that it encouraged a sedentary lifestyle for Marasan politicians, leading to obesity.

When the Galactic Empire took control of the Marasan homeworld of Marasai along with the other Marasan colonies in the Marasa Nebula, the Mindnet and the Grand Daern were stripped of their political power. Grand Daern Derra'makin went into exile, hiding on one of the Marasan colony worlds.


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