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The Mine Type A, or Mn/T1, was an unmanned static defense weapon produced by the armaments manufacturer, Arakyd Industries.

A stationary mine armed with an omni-directional laser cannon, the Mn/T1 was a cost-effective anti-intruder countermeasure. The laser cannon provided defense against starfighters, especially weakly shielded fighters like the Z-95 Headhunter, or completely unshielded craft such as the TIE/LN starfighter, and the contact detonation system was effective against capital ships, especially when the Mn/T1 was deployed in large numbers as a minefield.

The Rebel Alliance MC40a Light Calamari Cruiser Lulsla was protected by a minefield that included the Mn/T1.

Loyal Imperial starfighter pilot Maarek Stele was given the tremendously difficult task of single-handedly clearing a minefield composed of Mn/T1s in a fragile TIE/IN interceptor. He was given this dangerous assignment by his rebellious superiors when his inquisitive nature threatened to reveal Admiral Harkov's treachery.


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