The Mine Type B, or Mn/T2, was an uncrewed static defense produced by the armaments manufacturer, Arakyd Industries.


A variant design of the Mn/T2.

A stationary mine armed with an omni-directional ion cannon, the Mn/T2 was an inexpensive anti-intruder countermeasure. The ion cannon provided defense against starfighters, and the contact detonation system was effective against capital ships, especially when the Mn/T2 was deployed in large numbers as a minefield.

The Mn/T2 played a slightly different strategic role to the Mn/T1 Mine. The ability of the ion cannons to disable a vessel made it particularly popular with forces hoping to capture crewmembers alive, or seize craft intact.

It was also slightly shorter than the Mn/T1, although the presence of the ion cannon necessitated a bulky cylindrical apparatus on the underside of the mine, making it marginally more massive.


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