The Miners' Union was a trade union that operated on Iol, a planet in the Unknown Regions that was controlled by the company Tangan Industries. Following the end of the Mandalorian Wars, the forces of the Revanchists passed through Iol and negotiated with the world's administrator to take a large amount of the colony's supplies and fuel, in return for technology. The deal significantly reduced the world's supplies and made life significantly harder for the miners that worked on Iol. As a result, a group of worker formed the Miners' Union and attempted to overthrow Tangan Industries, so that the workers could rule Iol themselves. The rebels stormed the Tangan capitol building, but Tangan's corporate security forces repelled the attack and in the aftermath of the assault the Tangan administrator arranged to meet with the Union's leader. As a result of their negotiations, Tangan agreed to lower prices on Iol, in return for the protests being brought to an end. The Union continued to operated thousands of years later and at some point, the Human Kai Lunn acted as the leader of the Miners' Union