The MiniMag PTL was an anti-armor missile launcher which first saw use with the Galactic Republic.[3] During the time of the Galactic Civil War, the launcher was used by Imperial shock troopers and Imperial Marines.[4] Like the PLX-1 portable missile launcher, the PTL's firing chamber was specifically designed for proton torpedoes (hence the acronym), though it was capable of firing other ordnance. Unlike the PLX, however, the PTL did not support multiple firing settings or launch torpedoes in the 'smart' Gravity-Activated Mode.[3] Its use was strictly Imperial, as the Rebels could only get their hands on the older HH-15 projectile launchers manufactured by Golan Arms.[2] The PTL had a capacity for seven missiles.[1]

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The PTL serves as the primary weapon for the Imperial's heavy-weapons class in the Battlefront video game series.



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