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Rowan and varactyls Test

The Freemakers' harvester craft being attacked by varactyls

The Mini Scavenger[1] was a small scavenging starship owned by the Freemakers that also doubled as a small shuttle when they were not using the StarScavenger.[2]


The Mini Scavenger[1] had a bulldozer blade at the front and was capable of both hyperspace and realspace travel. The scavenger vessel's interior was cramped. While it could seat two individuals, it was uncomfortable for four individuals.[3]


After escaping from Naare, the Freemakers used the Mini Scavenger on a mission to retrieve three golden orbs from the third moon of Takodana. During the mission, the craft was tossed by several varactyls, who were guarding the orbs which turned out to be their eggs.[3]

Later, Rowan Freemaker and Roger used the Mini Scavenger to travel to an unknown world with the last crystal of the Kyber Saber.[4] They wanted to prevented Naare and Graballa from taking the crystal. After sensing that Zander and Kordi Freemaker were in pain, Rowan and Roger used the vessel to travel back to the Freemaker Garage at the Wheel.[5]

After joining the Rebel Alliance, Zander used the Mini Scavenger to lift an A-wing on the planet Tibalt while his sister Kordi guided him.[6]

When they were on acidic world of Taul, the Freemakers used the Mini Scavenger to salvage a proton suspension housing from a wrecked Corellian Defender half submerged in an acidic lake. The Freemakers used the Mini Scavenger to search for the pirate Hondo Ohnaka after he absconded with the StarScavenger. The Imperial hunter droid M-OC destroyed the Mini Scavenger shortly after arriving in his ship Tracker I.[7] However, the ship was later rebuilt for the mission to save the Rebel Fleet, where it was destroyed permanently by an AT-ST walker piloted by Ensign Plumestriker and Sub-Ensign Durpin.[8]



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