The miniature proton torpedo launcher was a portable missile launcher that fired miniaturized proton torpedoes. It was originally designed as an integrated weapon for the Zero-G assault stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire. The launcher was fitted into the Zero-G stormtrooper's left gauntlet which enabled them to rip through the hull of a starship in boarding missions. However, Rebel engineers adapted the weapon into a portable shoulder-mounted launcher.[1]

Though not as powerful as the proton torpedoes fired from starship launchers, the miniature proton torpedo launcher was still a devastating weapon, dealing collateral damage to any targets within 3 meters of the primary blast radius. The miniature proton torpedo launcher could also be switched to an anti-vehicle mode. In this mode, the weapon would deal twice the damage but would only be able to attack very large targets such as tanks and starfighters.[1]

The miniature proton torpedo launcher weighed 8 kilograms and was able to fire 4 miniature proton torpedoes before needing to be reloaded. The weapon cost 1,500 credits and was available for military use only.[1]



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