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"That Mining Explorer...! I recognize it! It's the same House of Tagge ship that was ferrying TIE fighters to Yavin to attack the rebel base there!"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

A Mining Explorer was a large utility craft used for research and exploration.[3]


The ships were clad with a green-colored hull and had an array of three engines at the stern.[3] Hangars were located towards the mid-section of the vessel.[2] A Mining Explorer was about 500 meters long, if we consider the shadow the vessel projects over a Tagge Battle Cruiser. The ships were capable of operating in most of the planetary atmospheres.


The ships were used by the Tagge Mining Company, a subsidiary of Tagge Company. They were originally designed when other megacorporations refused to provide ships to Tagge Company in an effort to stifle their business. They served as bulk freighters/survey ships/colony transports.[6] However its main use in the outer rim was the search of spice, hence its nickname "Spice Sniffer",[2] deploying probes from the great ventral bay.[7]

Baron Orman Tagge[3] and his sister Domina often used a Mining Explorer as their flagships.[5]

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