The Doan mining caste was a group of lower-class miners that made up a large percent of the planet's population. During the time following the New Sith Wars, the mining caste came into conflict with the planet's rulers, the Doan Royal House. In 980 BBY, the miners attempted to force Prince Gerran's airspeeder into an emergency landing, but accidentally killed him. This sent his wife, Princess Serra, into a depression. Serra's bodyguard, Lucia, hired an Iktotchi assassin, the Huntress, to assassinate Gelba, a leader of the mining caste, in the hopes of heloping Serra recover from her depression. Meanwhile, the caste contacted the Jedi Order to send someone to negotiate the situation on Doan; the Jedi sent a Cerean Jedi Knight, Medd Tandar. As Tandar met with Gelba and five other miners, they were attacked by the Huntress, who shot Gelba and all five miners before killing Tandar as well, sparking a diplomatic incident.


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