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This article is about The New Republic Minister of Justice. You may be looking for other uses of Minister of Justice.

The Minister of Justice was a position in the New Republic government. The minister was one of the key members of the General Ministry and the various ruling councils, always being the fourth most powerful member, under the Chief of State, Minister of State, and Supreme Commander. Should the Minister of State have to take over for a Chief of State, the minister of justice would assume the duties associated with the Minister of State.

The minister of justice and the chair of the Senate Justice Council were similar positions. The minister of justice position was established with the dissolution of the Provisional Council in 10 ABY-11 ABY. In 12 ABY, the Ruling Council was created, and the chair of the Senate Justice Council took over the duties of minister of justice. The position of minister of justice was reestablished in 19 ABY with the beginning of the tenure of Ponc Gavrisom. The Senate regained the powers with the tenure of Borsk Fey'lya beginning in 23 ABY.

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