The Ministry of War was one of three pillars of the government of the Sith Empire.

The Ministry of War was charged with operating all elements of the Imperial Military. The Minister of War answers to three of the Dark Council spheres: the Spheres of Defense of the Empire, Military Offense, and Military Strategy. Under the Minister were Moffs who ensured that military order was maintained. The Imperial Navy was one of the ministry's chief concerns. In the aftermath of the Great Galactic War, the Ministry had to work to rebuild the Sith armada. It was able to replace many of its older weapons with new and improved armaments. The Ministry is also responsible for the Imperial Army, the Empire's ground forces. Other areas of the Ministry's responsibilities were soldier deployments, combat tactics, special forces, black ops missions and the general strategy of the war. The ministry was also responsible for supplying troops to the Sphere of Laws and Justice so that they may provide law enforcement functions on Imperial worlds as well as military personnel for the Imperial Reclamation Service under the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge. Thus, ensuring the other Spheres of Influence were appropriately garrisoned with military forces was one of their chief responsibilities.



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