Minst was a male Rodian General of the Galactic Republic and a member of the War Trust.


During the early stages of the Galactic War, Minst was stationed at the dismantled reactor core in the sewer section of the planet Taris. There he oversaw processing of the materials for the Project Siantide - the residue of life-forms incarcerated during the Destruction of Taris were exposed to radiation from the station, creating extremely powerful energy source. When Darth Baras's apprentice stormed the facility and killed many of Minst's troops, the General left a decoy grunt to pose as him and set the reactor to self-destruct, while taking shelter in a secure room. However, his decoy cracked after his comrades were slaughtered, before he was promptly executed by the Sith Warrior. The Warrior then managed to get inside Minst's shelter before the reactor detonated. Having barely escaped being incinerated, Minst gloated that at least the Sith was unable to duplicate Project: Siantide. However, the Sith was not interested in Siantide and killed both Minst and his aide.


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