"No, I can't do this! I-I'm not General Minst! I'm just a grunt. I'm not going to die for this!"
―The soldier snaps under pressure[src]

This male Rodian was a soldier of the Galactic Republic living during the Cold War. In 3642 BBY, during the early stages of the Galactic War, he was stationed on Taris under a fellow Rodian General Minst. The two Rodians shared resemblance and could not be easily distinguished from one another by members of other species. Minst tried to use that effect to his advantage when he learned that Darth Baras's Sith apprentice was after him and the Project Siantide. Minst had the soldier dress in his uniform and posted him at the dismantled reactor core in the sewer section where the Siantide processing took place. Minst fully expected the soldier to die anyway, so he rigged a reactor to self-destruct and hid himself in a nearby safe room. However, when his comrades were slaughtered, the soldier cracked and revealed Minst's plan to the Sith Warrior. He pleaded for life, but the Sith executed him anyway, before going after true general Minst.


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