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"We're the heavy hitters. When you need a command bridge leveled or a convoy of tanks wiped out, the K-wings get the call."
―New Republic pilot Miranda Doni shortly before the Battle of Doornik-319[src]

Miranda Doni was a female Human who served as a starfighter pilot with the New Republic Defense Fleet.


Assigned to the Fifth Battle Group as a K-wing pilot, she relished their role as "heavy hitters" and was a competitor for the position of commander within her squadron. At some point, she and her K-Wing managed to enter combat with a TIE fighter over a forested planet, where she managed to destroy the TIE pursuing her via the K-Wing's turrets shooting behind. During the failed blockade of Doornik-319, Doni pulled out of her bombing run when she heard the pleas of Yevethan prisoners that had been broadcast on an open channel. In the subsequent counterattack, Doni and a number of other exposed K-wing pilots were killed when their craft were shot down.



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