"You speak out of turn, husband."
―Mirev-Ka to Lokir-Ka[src]

Mirev-Ka was a female Voss living on Voss during the Galactic War. She was a member of the Adjudicators and the wife of the diplomat Lokir-Ka. In 3641 BBY Mirev-Ka presided on an Adjudicators proceeding regarding the Voidhound, a smuggler contact of her husband, suspected in smuggling Gormak cyberbeasts off-planet. Lokir-Ka acted as a defendant on the same proceeding, even as wife struggled to keep the event formal. The smuggler was found innocent of the major crime, but guilty of several lesser ones, such as dealing with the Gormak or venturing into the Nightmare Lands. As a term of servitude, Mirev-Ka ordered the smuggler to make deliveries to several Voss who ventured into the galaxy.


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