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Mirialans were a species of near-Humans[4] native to the planet Mirial. Their appearance varied from yellow-green skin to paler skin very similar to many Humans.

Mirialans were very flexible and agile, making them fast and formidable foes.[5]

Society and cultureEdit


A Mirialan male during the Cold War

The Mirialan people were religious and practiced a primitive understanding of the Force. They believed each individual's actions contributed to their destiny. A Mirialan would place a unique, often geometrically repeated tattoo on their face and hands to signify that they had completed a certain test or task, or achieved sufficient aptitude for a certain skill. The number of tattoos would thus often act as a good indicator of how mature and/or skilled a Mirialan was.


At some point before the Invasion of Naboo, Mirial fought in a war against a nearby planet. The notorious pirate Arwen Cohl helped lead the Mirialans to victory.[6]

Mirialans in the galaxyEdit

Hylo Visz was a Mirialan smuggler during the days of the Old Republic who led a coalition of smugglers to break a Mandalorian blockade and deliver raw goods to Coruscant.[7]

Arwen Cohl was active as a Mirialan freedom fighter decades before the Clone Wars.[6] Luminara Unduli and her Padawan learner Barriss Offee were Mirialan Jedi who fought in the Clone Wars.[8] Teela Kaarz was a political prisoner who worked as a minor architect on the first Death Star.[9]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mirialans are a playable species in the Star Wars MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic for the Jedi Knight class[10], the Jedi Consular class[11], the Smuggler class[12], and the Trooper class.[13] Completing any of these storylines with a Mirialan character will unlock the race as an option for all other character classes; alternatively, the race can be unlocked through purchase in the Cartel Market.



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