Mirocaw was a rugged starship that was operated by the Whiphid bounty hunter Tulkh during the Cold War. The vessel contained various trophies from across Tulkh's career, including the remains of creatures that he had killed. In 3645 BBY, Tulkh took up an assignment to procure a rare Murakami orchid for the Sith Lord Darth Scabrous and he flew the vessel to the planet Marfa, where he seized the only living such orchid in the galaxy and its Jedi handler Hestizo Trace from a Jedi Agricultural Corps facility. Tulkh then flew to Scabrous' Sith academy on the word Odacer-Faustin, where he handed the Jedi and the plant over to the Sith Lord. However, Scabrous used the orchid to create a deadly disease, and Tulk, Trace and the mechanic Pergus Frode fled the planet aboard the Mirocaw. The Sith zombie Rance Lussk accompanied them, having stowed away aboard the ship, while Tulkh also succumbed to the effects of the disease, and Trace vented the vessel's hold into space in order to defeat them.


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