"The Mirr is for the Mystics. Only they can see."

The Mirr was a Sith artifact that at some point came to reside on the planet Voss where it was embraced by the native Voss people. This Dark side relic became in the species legend and was used by the Voss Mystics where it was believed that the artifact allowed them to hold clearer visions.

In the past, it resided in a Sith altar on Voss where it remained until the years of the Cold War. At the time, Jedi Knight Sallius Wen was dispatched to aid the Voss who desired the recovery of the relic with Tolec-Da part of the recovery effort. The Jedi Wen came to realize that the Mirr was no Voss artifact but rather had a connection to the Sith and decided not to retrieve it in fears of it corrupting the Mystics.

A spacer from the Galactic Republic was tasked with a mission to retrieve the relic where they were privately informed by Wen that the artifact needed to remain lost.