Mirri Thebes was a female Twi'lek who worked as the finance director of the trading concern Mothven Star Trading during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. In circa 31 BBY, the Heroes of Cularin—a group of freelance agents that operated in the Cularin system—were tricked by the Human Jarett Hurgen into transporting some weaponry and illicit drugs, after Hurgen had posed as the Mothven employee Frome Eubarus. The agents were arrested on the planet Cularin by the Office of Peace and Security, a local law enforcement agency, and the agency contacted Mothven Star Trading's senior executives during the course of their investigation into the agents. Thebes was sent to meet with them, and the agents explained to her the details of their encounter with the individual that they believed to be Frome Eubarus. Thebes reacted to the story with surprise, because the real Eubarus was a Twi'lek, not a Human, and was on holiday on the planet Genarius at that time.