Mothma: "I was sorry to hear about the latest miscarriage. How is your wife?"
Organa: "The healers are advising against our trying again. It might kill her; it almost did this time."
Mothma: "Bail, I'm so sorry. I know how badly you both have wanted a child."
Organa: "Yes. Well… we must deal with things as they are. Not as we wish they were."
Mon Mothma and Bail Prestor Organa[src]

A miscarriage was the spontaneous end of a pregnancy at a stage where the child was incapable of surviving outside the mother's body.

Breha Organa had at least five miscarriages, despite receiving treatment from the best fertility doctor in the Galactic Republic.[1] Eventually, her doctors informed her that another attempt to conceive would probably kill her.[2]

Stun weapons had a greater than fifty percent chance of sparking a miscarriage in pregnant humans.[3]



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