The Galactic Empire used missile turrets as ground defenses. The turrets fired homing missiles against aerial targets from its two launchers; it sat on a square base. In use during the Galactic Civil War, the turrets were deployed alongside turbolasers. Starting from around 6 months after the pivotal Battle of Yavin, the turrets saw action against the Rebel's Rogue Squadron. The launchers were deployed in the battle of Gerrard V, to defend the Jade Moon, to defend Balmorra, to defend the Imperial Navy spaceport on Kile II, to defend Kessel, were on platforms near Taloraan City, protected a base on Fest, defended a capacitor on Sullust, and were deployed on Thyferra.

Behind the scenesEdit

Missile turrets appear in the 1998 video game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.