"I'm here commanding a hard target mission to exterminate k'lor'slug's in this tomb. They're…horiffic things. Mouths bigger than your head."
―Sergeant Cormun explaining his mission to a Sith acolyte[src]

A mission to exterminate k'lor'slugs in the tomb of the Sith Lord Ajunta Pall was assigned to Sergeant Cormun of the Imperial Army's Korriban regiment around the year 3643 BBY. As part of the mission for the Sith Empire, Cormun used elements of the Fifth Infantry company, and attempted to destroy the k'lor'slug's egg chambers using explosives. His plan was unsuccessful and resulted in the loss of three squads of Sith troopers.

However, Sergeant Cormun was able to convince a Sith Acolyte to help him detonate the explosives, which resulted in the destruction of the egg chambers.

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