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The mission to Aleen was a relief mission conducted by the famed unit Wolfpack and Commander Wolffe.

The missionEdit

After a series of devastating groundquakes rocked the world of Aleen, Commander Wolffe and Wolfpack were sent to deliver relief supplies. R2-D2 and C-3PO providing assistance in installing new equipment and translating for the clones. Whilst waiting for the new systems to install, the two droids went to look at an unsealed hatch, but as another groundquake stroke the pair fell down the hatch into the Aleen underworld.[3]

As the two droids wandered through the tunnels they came across a trio of Kindalo who pointed them towards another resident of the underworld, who explained that the unsealed hatch had let in toxic air to the underworld so they had created the quakes. As she left the two droids were shot back to the surface and they sealed the hatch.[3]



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