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"He has just returned from a border dispute on Ansion."
―Mace Windu, speaking about Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

The Mission to Ansion occurred in 22 BBY.


While the Separatist Crisis was growing, the Commerce Guild and the CIS were both trying to add planets to their cause. During this period, Ansion became a target. This was due to the fact that Ansion was a very important piece of a complicated series of treaties and alliances, such as the Keitumite Mutual Military Treaty and the Malarian Alliance, that joined other planets of greater importance, therefore making Ansion leave the Galactic Republic would cause a chain reaction.

The plan was headed by Shu Mai president of the Commerce Guild along with the Ansionian Senator Mousul, while the Hutt Soergg Vosadii Bezhin was their hired contact on the planet. They planned to use the border dispute that existed for years between the Unity Council and the nomadic Alwari to convince them to leave the Galactic Republic.

The missionEdit

Arrival on AnsionEdit

Two teams of Jedi were sent by the Jedi Order to convince Ansion to stay with the Republic. Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, along with their Padawans Barriss Offee and Anakin Skywalker were sent on this mission. However, they had problems since the very first day, when Soergg the Hutt instructed his majordomo Ogomoor, an Ansionian male, to do anything necessary to stop the Jedi's mission. Two days before Obi-Wan and Anakin were scheduled to arrive on Ansion, Luminara and Barriss were attacked by mercenaries hired by Ogomoor. Although they quickly defeated the first wave, the second began to push them back. However, it was at this point that Obi-Wan and Anakin arrived, having made good time en route to Ansion. They quickly defeated the remaining mercenaries, before moving on to meet with the Unity Council. After a brief meeting with the council, where the Jedi agreed to convince the Alwari to share half or more of their land, they began their search for the Alwari. However, before they could leave Cuipernam, Barriss Offee was kidnapped by Kyakhta and Bulgan, two of Soergg's enforcers. They let her go though, after she healed them and deactivated the explosive devices Soergg had implanted in them to ensure their compliance. After returning Barriss to the Jedi, both Alwari agreed to guide the Jedi in their search for the Borokii overclan.

Search for the BorokiiEdit


Barriss Offee performing for Mazong and his clan.

After acquiring six Suubatar's, the Jedi, along with their Alwari guides, left Cuipernam and began their search. Before long, they encountered a Gairk while crossing a river. They made it past it without much trouble though. Shortly after this, they encountered the Yiwa clan. Mazong told them that before they would help them, they had to prove that they had soul. To do this, the Jedi were asked to perform at a feast. At the feast, they all performed one at a time. Barriss went first, choosing a display of acrobatics with a lightsaber. Second was Anakin, who chose to sing a song his mother sang to him as a child. Obi-Wan was third and he told a great tale. Lastly was Luminara, who did a series of acrobatics involving sand. The Yiwa were so impressed with the performances, they agreed to give them directions that would enable them to find the Borokii faster. Shortly after leaving the Yiwa, the Jedi encountered a swarm of native Kyren. These were small creatures that traveled in packs of up to one hundred and fifty million. The Jedi took cover within some ruins until the swarm passed. Shortly after this, they also encountered several Chawix, creatures that used the wind to travel.

A New CompanionEdit

Not long after these events, while they were resting, Barriss noticed a creature taking supplies from them. She followed the Gwurran into the tunnels where she encountered it's tribe. However, as soon as she encountered them, they began throwing rocks at her, though they stopped after she deflected them for a short time. After learning that Tooqui only took the supplies in order to feed his tribe, she promised the tribe a party of sorts in which the Jedi taught the Gwurran a little about The galaxy. After this party, Tooqui said he would like to join them, and after a brief discussion it was decided he would join them in their mission.

Encounter with the QulunEdit

Shortly after Tooqui joined them, the group noticed a group moving on the horizon and were able to identify them as Qulun. Shortly after, the Qulun sent riders out to greet them. After hearing about how they were seeking the Borokii, the Chief Trader of the Qulun, Baiuntu, invited the group to dine with them. While showing them around the camp however, Baiuntu had them drugged and locked up due to the fact a reward was promised to those that stopped them from returning to Cuipernam.


Ansion remained with the Galactic Republic. Also, the Separatists plan of issuing demands to the Republic was delayed (they had planned to issue demands to the Republic the moment Ansion declared secession), though Count Dooku decided Ansion was only a minor setback.

Almost as soon as they had returned to Coruscant after the mission, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were re-assigned to protect Senator Amidala of Naboo.



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