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In 3954 BBY following orders from Dark Councilor Darth Nyriss after discovering the droid that almost killed Nyriss during an assassination attempt was purchased by the Bosthirda separatists. She had the Sith Lord Scourge, her advisor Sechel, her security chief Murtog, and several soldiers raid the separatists' base on the planet Bosthirda. After a vicious battle the group discovered that the separatists were working with Nyriss' rival Darth Xedrix. Later Nyriss ordered Scourge to eliminate the traitor.


"The human filth will die, my lord. I will not fail."
―Scourge promise to destroy the separatists.[src]

In 3954 BBY following several assassination attempts on Dark Councilor Darth Nyriss' life, one involving a serving droid that was created at a plant on Hallion. She sent Sith Lord Scourge and her advisor Sechel on a mission to the planet to discover who purchased the droid. The pair discovered that the droid was purchased by the Bosthirda separatists. After informing Nyriss of this development she sent Scourge, Sechel, her security chief Murtog, and several soldiers to raid a building in Jerunga, the capital city of Bosthirda, which the separatists were using as a base.[1]

The raidEdit

"Target is blind. Move in."
―Scourge orders Murtog and his soldiers to begin the raid.[src]

After arriving on Bosthirda the group studied the building looking for any defenses unknown to them. After finding none Scourge climbed the building and used the Force to destroy the roof-mounted cams. Shortly after he ordered Murtog and his team to move in. The complied using flash and stun grenades along with suppressive fire. As the separatists returned fire on Murtog's team, Scourge was attacked by a pair of snipers.[1]

Scourge used his lightsaber to slaughter the first one, and then proceeded to pick up the second the second by his collar and threw him off the roof. He then entered the building and proceeded to slaughter twenty separatist that were caught offguard by the attack. He just cut off their limbs and decapitated a few, and used the Force and his lightsaber to slaughter the rest. After a few minutes the raid was over as all the separatists were dead and only three or four of Murtog's team died in the battle.[1]


Scourge: "What did you find?"
Sechel: "A recording of a recent communication."
Scourge: "Darth Xedrix."
Sechel: "Most of the call had already been erased by the cleaner program. But I was able to save this."
Darth Xedrix: "...latest attempt failed...Nyriss is dangerous, and must not be...keep allegiances hidden...stop the Emperor...madness must end..."
Scourge: "Can you get anything more?"
Sechel: "Not here. Give me enough time and the proper equipment and I should be able to come up with plenty."
Scourge: "Tell you team to load up every terminal and datafile they find. Nyriss won't be pleased if we leave something important behind."
―Scourge, Sechel, and Darth Xedrix[src]

After the raid Sechel was able to slice into the separatists mainframe and discover that Darth Xedrix was working with the separatists. The group later returned to Nyriss with the evidence and Nyriss sent Lord Scourge to eliminate the traitor. After a short and brutal duel Scourge emerged victorious.[1]

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The raid first appeared in Drew Karpyshyn's novel The Old Republic: Revan which was released on November 15, 2011.


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