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The mission to Canto Bight was undertaken by the Resistance members Finn, Rose Tico, and BB-8 during the First Order–Resistance war. Seeking to find the Master Codebreaker to help them infiltrate the Supremacy and save the Resistance fleet, the trio ended up being arrested, and in their escape teamed up with a codebreaker named DJ.[1]


When the Resistance fleet tried to escape from the First Order, the First Order tracked them through hyperspace and remained in pursuit of them, led by Supreme Leader Snoke's Star Destroyer Supremacy. Led by Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, the Resistance fleet decided to flee instead of fight, to the displeasure of Captain Poe Dameron. Meanwhile, Finn attempted to desert the Resistance so that Rey did not return to danger, but he was caught and imprisoned by maintenance worker Rose Tico. However, while talking, Finn revealed that he could identify the tracking device on the Supremacy, and he and Tico got the idea to disable it. They shared this plan with Dameron, who agreed to it. However, the Supremacy was heavily guarded by a code that changed regularly, and so the trio contacted Maz Kanata to find a way to bypass it. Kanata was too busy to help them, but told them about a Master Codebreaker they could find on Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica. Finn, Tico, and BB-8 departed from the fleet on a Resistance transport pod to head for Canto Bight.[1]

Trouble in Canto CasinoEdit

Finn, Tico, and BB-8 landed in Canto Bight, and they entered Canto Casino to search for the Master Codebreaker. In the casino, Finn and Tico saw people racing on fathiers, and BB-8 was mistaken for a slot machine by some customers, and became filled up with coins. They then found the Master Codebreaker, but before they could approach him, they were arrested by the Canto Bight Police Department for parking in an illegal area and thrown into prison.[1]

In prison, Finn and Tico met a man named DJ, who claimed to be a codebreaker. The duo did not want to recruit him, and DJ managed to unlock all the prison cells. Finn and Tico escaped, and they reunited with BB-8. When they were confronted by prison guards, BB-8 shot them with the coins inserted in him at the casino and overwhelmed them. Finn and Tico then came to some fathier stables, and they released the creatures. Riding on one of them, the duo led the herd of fathiers into the Canto Casino, wreaking havoc. However, the Canto Bight police gave chase when they went back outside, destroying their transport pod and cornering them. DJ then arrived in a Yacht called Libertine and offered to give the Resistance fighters an escape. They escaped from Cantonica, and DJ revealed that he was able to help the Resistance get into the Supremacy. However, he wanted to know the specific amount he would be paid for this, despite Tico assuring him he would receive whatever he desired, causing friction.[1]


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