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"Rest peacefully."
Jaden Korr closing the Barsen'thor's tomb on Chandrila[src]

The Mission to Chandrila was part of the Disciples of Ragnos campaign wherein Cultists attempted to siphon Force power from the tomb of the third Barsen'thor of the Jedi Order on Chandrila.


Cultist takeoverEdit

Upon discovery of the tomb of the Barsen'thor[1] and its tremendous aura of Force residue, Tavion Axmis sent Cultist forces, assisted by mercenaries, to Chandrila, in order to infiltrate the tomb and secure it for Tavion's arrival. The Cultists stormed the sanctuary and breached the Jedi's coffin, unsealing it to make ready for Tavion. Finally, they holed themselves up in the vast underground catacomb and secured key locations throughout, waiting for Tavion to arrive so that they could begin extracting Force energy.

Jaden Korr's interventionEdit

Jaden Korr arrived at the tomb after receiving intelligence of the cult's activities and proceeded to investigate. Finding his route into the tomb blocked by large boulders, he used the Force to clear them aside, killing a mercenary standing on the balcony in front of the entrance in the process. Korr moved on through the tomb, engaging mercenaries and cultists and killing them. Attempts to demolish bridges in the tomb in order to deter Korr were made, although he managed to bypass these difficulties, defeating further cult members as he continued towards the burial chamber. Upon reaching the chamber, Korr encountered a New Reborn wielding a saberstaff. The two dueled, and Korr emerged victorious. He resealed the casket, allowing the dead Jedi to once again rest in peace. But in doing so, the burial chamber began to collapse. Korr escaped from the sanctuary, while those cultists who remained were killed in the ensuing destruction of the dead Jedi Knight's mausoleum.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mission to Chandrila was one of the two missions included in the demo of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, the other mission being Mission to Mos Eisley.


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