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"But the Rebel Alliance has a plan to rescue us! I must get to Constancia and tell my people!"

The mission to Constancia was an attempt by the Alliance to Restore the Republic to deliver Gamine, a Constancian leader with vital information about a plan to save her people from Imperial destruction, to her homeworld.


The Constancians were a race of telepaths from the planet Constancia. This telepathy was a natural trait of their species, and very rare. When the Galactic Empire grew in power the Constancians hid their power, concerned that the Empire might exploit it. Their fears were well founded. While the Constancian leader Gamine was offworld the Empire discovered the truth about the Constancians, and demanded that the Constancians use their telepathy to serve the Empire. To refuse was to invite the very destruction of their home planet.[1]

Desperate for help, Gamine contacted the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The Rebels were able to formulate a plan to save the Constancians, but while they did so the Empire set up a blockade in the Constancia system. Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2 were tasked with the mission of returning Gamine and the details of the Rebel plan to Constancia through the Imperial blockade.[1]

The missionEdit

The Rebel spacecraft carrying Gamine, Luke, and their associates was ambushed by an Imperial Star Destroyer, seemingly ending the mission when it had barely begun. Anticipating the destruction of his ship, Luke Skywalker escaped in a lifepod with Gamine. C-3PO and R2-D2 he shut down and ejected into space, attached to a signal beacon programmed with special instructions. Unknown to the Imperials there was a hidden outpost in the icy ring around Constancia, manned by loyal Constancian warrior Sharlee. Sharlee detected the lifepod and rescued Luke and Gamine, but with so many Imperials in orbit around Constancia they were trapped in Outpost 8.[1]

Luke's foresight paid off, however. He had programmed the signal beacon to activate the two droids and itself once it detected the Imperial vessels had left. Luke also sent an SOS signal to Han Solo, who swiftly arrived in the Millennium Falcon along with Chewbacca and a very reluctant Gyla Petro. Solo rescued the droids and escaped the Imperial blockade, arriving at Outpost 8 in time to enact Luke and Gamine's plan.[1]

Han and Sharlee boarded the lifepod from Luke's destroyed ship, and launched with an SOS that led the Imperials to believe they were Luke and Gamine. They were swiftly captured by Imperial boarding craft 356. Rather than the two stranded spacers they expected, however, the Imperial Navy troopers on board were met with Han and Sharlee in battle armor. With the armor enhancing their abilities, the two were able to take over the ship.[1]

The second part of Gamine's plan went into effect. Luke, Gamine, and the rest launched in the Millennium Falcon, making a run for Constancia. Imperial TIE Advanced x1s and TIE/LN starfighters swiftly pursued them, but when they received a message from Boarding Craft 356 telling them to back away while the boarding craft intercepted the Millennium Falcon, they obeyed. By the time the Imperials discovered that Boarding Craft 356 had been hijacked it was too late. The Rebels were close enough to the planet that the Constancian ground defenses could assist them, and they escaped safely to Constancia.[1]


With Gamine returned to Constancia the Rebel mission was completed. Gamine had the necessary information on the Rebel plan to save the Constancians. Their struggle was only beginning, but the first victory had been won, and the Constancians gave the Rebels a hero's welcome upon their arrival.[1]


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