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This article is about the mission in 4 ABY. You may be looking for another mission to Corellia.
"You don't want the Imps ripping into your family. Not a pretty thing when that happens."
Plourr Ilo[src]

The Mission to Corellia was undertaken by Rogue Squadron in 4 ABY. Pilots Plourr Ilo, Wes Janson, and Derek Klivian were sent on Corellia to evacuate the members of the Fel family threatened by the defection of Imperial hero Soontir Fel to the New Republic. However, the young Fyric Fel was kidnapped before their arrival by Ilir Post. They managed to rescue the child with the help of CorSec officers Corran Horn and Iella Wessiri. Post was killed by Todr Fel.

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