This article is about Alderaanian Resistance's mission. You may be looking for other missions to Coruscant.

The Mission to Coruscant was a mission carried out by the Alderaanian Resistance to discover the nature of Sarlacc Project. After some investigations and violent encounters with the Imperials, they tracked the project to Imeici Spire, where it was based. After infiltrating the tower, they learned details of the project. However, they were confronted by Inquisitor Nolor, who they killed. Just before he died, he activated the tower's self destruct, although the team were still able to escape unharmed.


Battles of the Sarlacc Project campaign
Felucia · Darga's palace · Bespin · Almas · Nizon
Coruscant · Resurgence · Gem of Alderaan · Prakith · Byss

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