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The Mission to Coruscant was the first step in Jango Fett's participation in The Hunt, to locate the Bando Gora and its mysterious leader Komari Vosa. Tyranus had selected Jango among the few to take on the deadly cult with a reward of five million Republic credits. After being tipped off by his Toydarian friend, Roz, that the Bando Gora were involved in creating mind-altering versions of Death sticks, the latest underworld craze, Jango headed for the capital world to find Jervis Gloom, a minor death stick dealer who had information that could lead him to the cult.


Jango Fett chases down Jervis Gloom.

Jango started his search for Gloom in Coruscant's Uscru Entertainment District. After exploring various bars and nightclubs and fighting off members of a gang protecting Gloom, he quickly found the warehouse of the young dealer. Gloom confessed to the Mandalorian bounty hunter that the death stick factory on Coruscant was owned by Groff Haugg, and that he would be the one to find for more information on the Bando Gora. After turning Gloom in, Jango headed for the Industrial District.

Jango used Gloom's transport to infiltrate the death stick factory. After a long search through the factory, battling Haugg's men along the way, Jango discovered Groff Haugg's lifeless body, frozen in a block of carbonite. Jango then encountered his old Mandalorian rival, Montross. Montross, who was also offered by Tyranus to participate in The Hunt, had gotten to Groff Haugg first and, after receiving what information he could, killed him to gain an advantage over other participants such as Jango (Montross would not realize until later on, however, that the information Haugg provided was false). Jango and Montross battled until the latter escaped.

With Groff Haugg dead, Jango thought of other possible leads to follow in order to track down the Bando Gora. He realized that in order for a large operation such as the one involving the altered death sticks to remain generally quiet, politics must have been involved. Looking into Haugg's files, Jango came across a holofile of the Twi'lek Senator, Connus Trell, who demanded out of Haugg's dirty business. With the help of Roz, Jango pinpointed Trell's whereabouts and headed for his lavish apartment in the upper levels of Galactic City.

Getting to the Senator wasn’t easy, as Jango faced many members of Coruscant's security forces, a couple of whom were wanted dead or alive by various criminal organisations whom they'd ticked off in the past. Eventually reaching Trell's apartment, Jango held the Senator over the edge of his balcony by the scruff of his neck and demanded information. Trell fearfully told the bounty hunter that another death stick factory in league with the Bando Gora was on Malastare, owned by the Dug, Sebolto. As Jango got the information out of Trell, a CSF gunship flew up to the balcony and demanded that Jango let the Senator go. So Jango did as he was told, and threw Trell off the edge of the balcony, killing the corrupt Twi'lek. In a short but tense fight, Jango managed to destroy the gunship and quickly fled Coruscant.

After informing Roz of what Trell provided, she told him that getting to the Sebolto wouldn't be easy. The only way he would be able to get any information from the Dug, would be by doing a favor for him, in the form of a bounty to collect. Roz told Jango that Bendix Fust, an inmate of the prison on Oovo IV, was wanted alive by Sebolto. Jango set course for the asteroid prison.


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