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For other uses, see Battle of Dantooine.

The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on official information from the Star Wars Legends continuity, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

"My readings show a heavy concentration of Imperial forces in the area.
This is bad. There shouldn't be any Imperial forces here.
―Sarkli and another pilot[src]

The Rebel Alliance's Red Squadron conducted a mission to Dantooine. The squadron skirmished with the Galactic Empire over a defecting officer named Tycho Celchu, who had secretly contacted the Rebel Alliance regarding his planned defection, though this was quickly discovered by his superiors and he was arrested at his extraction site.


After the Galactic Empire[2] obliterated his home planet of Alderaan, in 0 BBY,[3] TIE pilot Tycho Celchu became disillusioned with his career and decided to jump ship.[2] A few months later, he contacted the Rebel Alliance and agreed to meet on Dantooine to defect.[1]

The missionEdit

The rescue missionEdit

"You got here just in time. We've got to get out of here."
―Celchu to Skywalker[src]

The Rebel's Red Squadron, led by Commander Luke Skywalker, was then sent over to Dantooine to meet up with Tycho Celchu and extract him. Six starfighters—three T-65B X-wing starfightera and 3 BTL Y-wing starfighters, were sent on the mission. Upon arrival from hyperspace at Dantooine, however, Sarkli alerts the squadron with the fact that a large concentration of Imperial forces was within the area. Tycho Celchu then contacted Red Squadron desperately telling them to abort the mission, as his defection had been discovered by the Imperials. His TIE interceptor was shot down by the time he attempted to warn them. Skywalker then told his squadron they needed to get him out of there.[1]

As a result, Red Squadron revised their extraction mission for it to become a rescue mission. The strike team landed on the planet, with Skywalker and Sarkli proceeding on foot and also ambushing two Scout Troopers nearby. Sarkli managed to take them out by causing a rockslide with his blaster, and the Red Squadron leader Luke Skywalker congratulated Sarkli before he went off on his own on a 74-Z speeder bike. Sarkli wanted to come with him, but was convinced by Skywalker to guard the landing zone with the rest of the team, while updating Skywalker via comlink. When he had reached the destination point, Celchu had already been loaded by stormtroopers and storm commandos threatening that any secrets that Celchu managed to uncover while spying for the Rebels would die with him, onto an APC destined for one of the landed Imperial transports. Skywalker dismounted and ran on foot towards an E-web emplacement. Skywalker took control of several more E-webs as the APC moved out of their fields of fire. Heavy blaster fire from the cannons disabled the vehicle and allowed Celchu the chance to escape.[1]

The escapeEdit

Celchu grabbed another speederbike, and the two pilots raced toward the other side of the canyon, with Celchu guiding the way. The route was bombarded by TIE/sa bombers, resulting in the deaths of several strike team members, and Sarkli reported that they were under attack.[1]

Upon reaching a fork in the path just as the bombardment was starting, Skywalker took the left fork in order to retrieve some advanced lasers/blasters.[1]

Skywalker and Celchu had to avoid more Imperials and the bombers, jumping their bikes over a chasm. During their escape, Sarkli contacted them telling them that they were currently under attack and telling them to hurry up and get out of there. When they arrived at the encampment, they discovered the only survivor was Sarkli. The pilots left the planet in the three remaining X-wings and returned to the Rebellion. When Skywalker asked who was trying to arrest Celchu, Celchu explains that they were members of the Storm commandos, elite soldiers tasked with acquiring weapons for the Empire, and reported that he had information regarding a plan to capture scientists.[1]


"Master, one of our officers has defected to the Rebellion. It is believed that he has supplied them with valuable information."
"It is of no consequence. Our forces have already blockaded the planet Ralltiir.
―Darth Vader reports to Emperor Palpatine[src]

Celchu would supply the Alliance with intelligence that several scientists situated on the planet Ralltiir wished to defect to the Alliance, but had been discovered. They were trapped in the main city, protected by a force field, the only thing protecting them. Celchu requested that the squadron help extract them before the Imperials got to them. Luke then commented that he knows of a pilot who could rescue the researchers in time after deciding that they should alert the Alliance to send a rescue team to Ralltiir. In that same battle, another defection occurred. That time: Rebel lieutenant Sarkli ended up defecting to the Empire.[1]

Likewise, Darth Vader reported to Emperor Palpatine about Celchu's defection, although Palpatine believed that whatever information he gave to the Rebel Alliance about their plan to capture scientists on Ralltiir was of no consequence, as they already blockaded the planet.[1]

Celchu would later become a successful member of the Rebel Alliance, later flying for the successor to Red Squadron, Rogue Squadron.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Rendezvous with the Imperial defector Tycho on Dantooine, and deliver him safely to the Rebels."
―Mission briefing for "Defiance on Dantooine"[src]

This article was created based on a mission in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. The mission illustrates how Tycho Celchu became a member of the Rebel Alliance, albeit in a more dramatic fashion than had previously been alluded to.

The level was designed by Chris Kroffer. He designed it with the possibility of new players playing the series in mind, and chose the significant usage of speeder bikes for the mission because they were the fastest ground-based craft, and likewise were popular with players.



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