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"The Queen of Ranroon was crammed full with spoils from whole solar systems, tribute to Xim the Despot"
Badure, to Han Solo, regarding Xim's treasure.[src]

The Mission to Dellalt was the search for the missing log-recorder of the fabled Queen of Ranroon by the crew of the Millennium Falcon and her passengers.


After concluding a delivery run to the planet Brigia, Han Solo and Chewbacca found themselves on Rudrig, to collect the balance of their payment. It was here they ran into Alexsandr Badure, an old colleague, who was looking to hire the pair, along with their starship, the Millennium Falcon. Badure, along with his colleagues, Hasti Troujow, and Skynx of Ruuria, joined up with Han and Chewie and their droid companions, Bollux and Blue Max, for the trip to the planet of Dellalt, to retrieve the log-recorder disk left there by Hasti's sister, Lanni.

The MissionEdit

Badure's plan to recover the treasure was simple; dress Hasti up to appear as her deceased sister Lanni, and withdraw the disk from the Dellaltian Bank and Currency Exchange, have Skynx, the acadamecian, decipher it, and go get the treasure. Unfortunately, the Steward of the bank and his assisstant denied her request. Meanwhile, while they were trying to decide their next move, J'uoch, her brother R'all, and their enforcer, Egome Fass, hijacked the Millennium Falcon, thinking the log-recorder disk was aboard.

The JourneyEdit

The party figured the Millennium Falcon was their best chance of leaving the backwater planet of Dellalt, so they decided to go after it. Along the way, they stumbled upon a group of natives in the mountains, known as the Survivors, and were captured. While captive, the party discovered that their captors held some sort of connection to the long, lost Queen of Ranroon. They made their escape, and continued toward J'uoch's mining camp and the Falcon. Before reaching the camp, however, Han and his companions find a battalion of Xim's war-robots, controlled by the Mission Commander, preparing to attack the mining camp. This unraveled the mystery. The Steward and his assistant dispatched the Guardian Corps from its resting place in the mountains, and in an effort to protect the secret of the treasure, they would destroy all parties involved.

Xim's War-Robot


The BattleEdit

Han, Chewbacca, and the others tried to warn the miners about the impending attack, but they wouldn't have it, and attacked them. Solo killed R'all in the skirmish, and discovered Gallandro the gunman had tracked him all the way from the Corporate Sector, seeking retribution. It was everyone for themselves. The war-robots arrived at the camp and proceeded to destroy everything. Han and his comrades fought bravely, but couldn't reach the Falcon. They retreated to the far side of the camp's bridge, where they met and battled J'uoch and Egome Fass. The miner and her enforcer were eliminated in the struggle. As the Guardian Corps pursued them across the bridge, Bollux and Blue Max transmitted a command-control signal to the robots, synchronizing their marching step and collapsing the bridge, sending Corps into the chasm. Gallandro, now interested in a share of the treasure, rescued the trapped company, and they made their way back to the city.

The TreasureEdit

The party had discovered that the empty vault complex was just a facade hiding the true vaults behind them. They had no problem forcing entry into the bank using the Millennium Falcon's quad-guns. Han, Skynx, and the gunman went off to locate their prize. After the treasure chamber was found, Gallandro turned on Solo, and in a fast-draw contest, Han was wounded. Skynx, escaped down a side corridor, and as Gallandro pursued him, he was lured into a "no weapons" zone and was terminated. The members of the party reformed and entered the treasure vault, only to discover that the treasure was obsolete. A valid fortune twenty-five millennia ago,[1] the majority of it was antiquated and of little use.


Skynx was to be the lead archaeologist on the recovery project, and invited Badure and Hasti to join him, along with the droids. They all accepted, and the company parted ways, with Han Solo and Chewbacca vowing that they would stick to smuggling, from now on.



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