"Hopefully you'll prove more of a challenge than the bounty hunter I had to kill a few days ago."
―Rax Joris to Jaden Korr during his imprisonment[src]

The mission to Dosuun was carried out by Jaden Korr in 14 ABY during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis.


The New Republic Intelligence Service intercepted a number of strange transmissions coming from Dosuun, and suspected that the Imperial Remnant was active there. Since there were no New Republic fleets operating in that area, they requested help from the New Jedi Order to investigate. Jaden Korr was tasked with the mission.

The missionEdit

After landing, Korr was ambushed, disarmed, and captured by a squad of camouflaged Imperial Saboteurs armed with disruptor rifles. Rax Joris, the Imperial commander, told Korr that life could get "dreadfully dull" on Dosuun, so he was "up for a bit of sport." He ordered Korr to be released from his prison cell, and told Korr that he was free to leave if he managed to make it to his ship.

Korr, without his lightsaber, used the chance to escape. Apart from using the Force, he also armed himself with whatever weapons he could find, and used them to fight the Imperials. He even hijacked an All Terrain Scout Transport and used it to shoot his enemies. Along the way, Joris, armed with a concussion rifle, tried to catch him off guard and shoot him, but Korr managed to dodge or use Force push to deflect the blasts.

When Korr finally reached the hangar bay where his Z-95 Headhunter was located. Joris was waiting for him on the top level and firing at him with his concussion rifle. Korr evaded the blasts and clambered his way to the top to confront Joris. Joris, unable to use his concussion rifle at close range, was easily defeated and killed by Korr, who retrieved his lightsaber and escaped.

Shortly after, the New Republic dispatched troops to Dosuun to clean up Joris' operations.


Imperial base on Dosuun

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game, it is possible to get to the area where Korr originally landed.

Joris can also be killed by ranged weapons, such as a disruptor rifle, from the ground level of the hangar bay, without even climbing to the top.


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