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The Mission to Duroon was a smuggling run made by the crew of the Millennium Falcon to the planet Duroon for loan shark Ploovo Two-For-One.

Han Solo and Chewbacca accepted a contract to deliver 1000 carbine energy rifles deep into a steer-clear zone in the Corporate Sector. As the pair entered the orbit of Duroon, their sensors picked up a Corporate Sector Authority lighter, which had just taken off from an Authority installation on the far side of the planet. In an effort to evade the lighter, Solo attempted a risky dive, deep into the atmosphere of Duroon. The Millennium Falcon leveled off low to the ground, above a magma fissure, which would hide them from the lighter's sensors. Flying low and hoping to avoid detection, they flew towards the mountains. Surprised by a narrow cleft, the pilot had to use some expert flying to save the ship. In the process, the Millennium Falcon lost her long-range sensor dish on the canyon wall.

After setting down, Han Solo and Chewbacca were met by the contract-slaves-turned-insurgents, who were to receive the weapons. These humanoids were known as the Duroon rebels. The crew unloaded the hold and then tried to repair the sensor dish, to no avail. As they attempted a "blind" lift-off, they were hit by a tractor beam from the waiting lighter. Turning the ship around, Solo went head-to-head with the Authority ship trying to break the tractor beam. The lighter made a last minute evasive maneuver to avoid the Millennium Falcon, which enabled Han Solo and Chewbacca to escape into deep space.



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