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This article is about the mission during the Clone Wars. You may be looking for the mission during the Galactic Civil War or Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 3: Mission to Endor.
Mission to Endor
Mission to Endor

Clone Wars


Investigate a deserted Separatist outpost


19 BBY


Forest Moon of Endor


Confederacy of Independent Systems

Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain


Mouthy B1

Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain†


The entire missing squad

All battle droids present

The beast

The mission to Endor took place during the Clone Wars.

The missionEdit

Aayla Secura and Commander Bly were sent to investigate a deserted Separatist outpost in the Endor system, after a clone trooper squad went missing. The group found evidence of a struggle, but no clone trooper bodies were there; only their armor.

Aayla Secura went searching for the missing squad of clones when a B1 battle droid ambushed her. Aayla quickly subdued the droid by slicing both of its arms and legs with her lightsaber. While questioning the droid about the missing squad of clones, an Ewok shot a tranquilizer dart in her neck.

Aayla awoke to find herself tied up. She asked the droid what was happening, and the droid replied sarcastically that the Ewoks were going to eat her. A few minutes later the Ewok leader pointed at a picture of the beast in the mouth of the mountain. The battle droid translated, saying that they thought she was a goddess and were asking her to slay the beast in the mountain.

It later turned out a giant beast killed all the clone troopers and destroyed all the Separatist droids. However, Secura was able to kill the creature, but the mouthy B1 battle droid was crushed.

Following this mission, Secura departed for Felucia wondering why the Separatists were building outposts on such remote planets.


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