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"What's that? I guess I'd better check it out."
Jaden Korr notices the Imperial beacons on Hoth[src]

The primary objective of the mission to Hoth was to investigate the area on Hoth where Luke Skywalker once encountered the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi for Force nexus energies. Jaden Korr was sent on this mission.

Once reaching the location with his Far Wanderer, Korr could not sense any Force energies and considered whether Skywalker was wrong about his intuitions. Korr detected a flashing beacon and decided to investigate it. It turned out that the beacons formed a path through the snowy canyons, where Korr encountered many snowtroopers and probe droids, even an All Terrain Scout Transport, confirming the Imperial Remnant and the Disciples of Ragnos's interest in the area, and also several wampas.


Jaden Korr in the Echo Base.

Eventually, Korr came upon Echo Base. However, the main entrance was locked, and Korr had to find other means of entering. He got into Echo Base through an underground tunnel, connecting the base with a wrecked AT-AT, which was heavily guarded by Remnant forces.


Jaden confronts Alora in Echo Base

In the base, Korr overheard a cultist communicating to a person named Alora about Dagobah. Making his way through the corridors, Korr entered a large room, where he encountered Alora, a Dark Jedi and Tavion's apprentice. She challenged Korr to a duel. Korr emerged victorious, as Alora fled through a hole in the ceiling.

Having completed the mission, Korr returned to the Academy and was promoted to the rank of Apprentice. The results of the mission were documented in the datacard Tauntaun Feathers A1.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hoth: Under the Ice presents this mission as carried out by both Jaden Korr and Kyle Katarn, while in Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy it is a solo mission for Korr.

This is the only level of the game where the player does not wear the clothing selected at the beginning of the game (as the outfits would be impractical in the extreme cold).

It is possible to find the main entrance of Echo Base, but it is locked. Also findable, is what looks like the destroyed remains of the Shield generator, which looks much smaller that it is in other games.

Through the use of Force speed it is possible to save a Tauntaun from the Wampa near the end of the level and use it in the duel with Alora. However, due to the difficulty involved, this is most likely non-canon.



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