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The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on official information from the Star Wars Legends continuity, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

The Mission to Imdaar was an Alliance to Restore the Republic operation intended to steal a TIE Phantom in the hopes of developing a counter for the Galactic Empire's cloaking device technology.

The missionEdit

In an attempt to develop a counter for the Galactic Empire's new cloaking device technology, the Alliance to Restore the Republic planned to steal a TIE Phantom from the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Terror. Admiral Gial Ackbar dispatched Rookie One, escorted by Admiral Krane and Darnell Reggs, to rendezvous with Commander Ru Murleen on Imdaar, where the Terror was known to be headed.

After leaving the Alliance Fleet, the three Rebel pilots were forced to fight their way through numerous TIE/IN interceptors in their BTL Y-wing starfighters before reaching Ceti 597, from where Rookie One proceeded alone. After flying his way through a defensive asteroid belt, he finally reached Imdaar. Rookie One met up with his old tutor, Ru Murleen and after reaching an Imperial space platform, they hijacked the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Epsilon Four.

Epsilon four

Epsilon Four approaching the decloaking Terror

Posing as Stormtroopers, the two Rebels boarded and infiltrated the Terror but their disguise was cut sort. After being inquired by a nosy Imperial officer, they ran away and had to fight their way to the hangar hoping to steal one of the Phantom ships. Reaching a dead end they had to pass through the sewers but even there, Stormtroopers and Remotes attempted to stop them. Darth Vader, who at that time was on the ship, had sensed their presence, and ordered Admiral Sarn to destroy them.


Stealing a Phantom.

The two saboteurs however, managed to re-emerge in the hangar, while an Officer was scolding a Stormtrooper guard who was dozing off while on duty. Hijacking a TIE Phantom, they flew around the Dreadnought's interiors but the Imperials acted quickly to close hangar doors and prevent their escape. Murleen altered her plan and took the ship through the superstructure to look for another way out—a search which eventually led them to the ship's main reactor. Realizing that they had the opportunity to destroy the Terror and its complement of TIE Phantoms, Rookie One targeted the reactor's beam focusers, causing it to go critical. The Rebels escaped in their stolen TIE as explosions began to erupt throughout the Super Star Destroyer while it was docked over Imdaar Alpha.

Imdaar Alpha

The Terror's destruction.

As Murleen plotted a course to the rendezvous point, they came under attack from TIE Phantoms. With their escape route cut off, the Rebels were forced to turn around and head back towards the Terror. Murleen skimmed their TIE along the surface of the doomed Star Destroyer while Rookie One fought off waves of TIE Phantoms. Despite his best efforts, the situation was beginning to look bleak when Murleen finally discovered how to engage the cloaking device, hiding them from their pursuers.

Lord Vader escaped the destruction of the Terror, but executed Admiral Sarn for his incompetence before leaving. All other hands on board were lost when the vessel exploded, damaging as well as revealing the cloaked TIE Phantom factory below.


Rookie One and Murleen pilot the TIE Phantom.

Seeing now where the Phantom's actually originated, and without having such orders, Ru Murleen flew their Phantom inside the facility. The facility was destroyed when its reactor was damaged by the two Infiltrators and went critical.


Escaping the destruction in his TIE Advanced x1, Darth Vader was scolded by Emperor Palpatine for the ineffectiveness of his invisible fleet, but Vader was not much discouraged. Indeed, after depriving the Imperial Navy from the whole retinue of TIE Phantoms and having one prototype to study and reverse-engineer, the two saboteurs arrived to their temporary base where Rookie One was congratulated by Admiral Krane. However, not much later, after failing to be provided with the necessary credentials, the TIE Phantom was self-destroyed, preventing thus its technology to be learned.



Notes and referencesEdit

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