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In 25,793 BBY a conflict occurred on Krev Coeur.


After escaping Bogan with Xesh in a Shikaakwan fighter, Daegen Lok traveled to Krev Coeur in order to find suitable crystals for the construction of new forcesabers. While on the planet, Xesh and Lok was spotted by the Je'daii Bel Zana, which soon informed the other Je'daii. During the following duel, Lok used a mind twist on Bel Zana, causing her to fall over a cliff, but Seknos Rath managed to hold her. Despite Seknos's warnings, Bel Zana continued to move (thinking she was on fire), causing Seknos to fall below. Before falling, Seknos managed to force push Bel Zana away to safety.


While the other Je'daii thought that Seknos perished during his fall, in fact her survived and was rescued by Trill, which was passing by and took him inside her ship. Meanwhile, after managing to escape from their Je'daii pursuiters, Xesh and Lok traveled to Nox to manufacture the hilts for the forecesabers they planned to make.