"Thanks for the assistance, Jaden. Luke tells me you're going to be a great Jedi. Let's get to Kril'Dor and take out that mining platform!"
Wedge Antilles, to Jaden Korr[src]

The Mission to Kril'Dor occurred in 14 ABY, after the New Republic Intelligence Service discovered an Imperial Remnant tibanna gas platform on Kril'Dor, which had to be taken. Wedge Antilles devised a bold plan to capture the platform, requiring only one Rogue Squadron pilot in an X-wing starfighter and one Jedi to complete the ground tasks. The Jedi's role was to place targeting beacons at various vital locations on the platform; the X-wing pilot would then bombard those locations. While Antilles manned the X-wing himself, Luke Skywalker chose Jaden Korr to place the beacons.

The missionEdit

Korr landed his starfighter on the platform and proceeded to place the beacons at the shield generator, hangar, barracks, communications array, power generator, and command center. He encountered much opposition from Imperial forces, including stormtroopers, jumptroopers, and even a few Sith Cultists. He managed, however, to place all the beacons, allowing Antilles to successfully knock out the entire defense system of the platform.

Upon learning that their defenses were down, the Imperials decided to destroy the platform rather than let it fall into New Republic hands, so they rigged it with four timed bombs. Korr defeated the Imperials and managed to deactivate all the bombs in time.


"Great work, Jaden, Luke was right about you! The Republic is sending troops to defend the platform. Thanks to you, the Remnant won't be supplying the Disciples of Ragnos anytime soon!"
―Wedge Antilles[src]

After the intervention of both Korr and Antilles, the New Republic sent troops to defend the platform. The mission ensured the Imperial Remnant would not supply the Disciples of Ragnos for some time.


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