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Mission to Moog Mot VI was organized by an Aleena crime lord Sollima in order to return his accounting droid from the hands of Galactic Empire before it could use the information inside its data core against him.



In 1 BBY[2] Billal Batross used his position inside Sollima's gambling network to skim money from Aleena's accounts. Sollima's accounting droid found out about the fact and to cover his tracks Batross secretly sold the droid to the representatives of Galactic Empire. The Imperials were planning to use the information inside droid's data core against Sollima in order to gain access to his casino world named the Hollow Moon, which they could not do by sheer military force, since the moon was located in the Khorya system of the Hutt sector and the Imperial authority in that region of the galaxy was weak at best. However, despite stealing a sum of money from the crime lord, Batross still owed him a debt which he could not repay. In a desperate move he offered the Aleena to retrieve the droid, which Sollima believed to be stolen by the Empire, in exchange for his debt. Around that time Billal Batross's old partner, Han Solo, was caught by Sollima on the Outer Rim world of Simbarc with a debt he also could not return. Seeing a chance to get his old friend out of a trouble, Batross offered the Aleena to let Solo repay his debt by teaming up with him on the mission to retrieve a droid, to which Sollima agreed.[1]

The missionEdit

Using Solo's starship, a modified YT-1300 light freighter called the Millennium Falcon as a transport, the two departed to the Imperial banking world of Moog Mot VI where the droid was being kept. After the landing they successfully infiltrated the planetary Imperial Garrison suing fake Imperial uniforms. After finding the laboratory where the droid was being kept, Solo incapacitated the sole technician present there and ordered Batross to take the droid and leave as soon as possible. Batross however had other plans and shot the droid's data core with his blaster pistol to cover the fact that he was stealing form Sollima. Since Sollima's direct orders were to bring the droid back intact, Solo got angry at his unwitting companion. Batross ensured Solo that they could always blame the shot on some Imperial stormtroopers and claimed to have the situation under his control, right before the alarm sounded the presence of intruders inside the garrison. The counterparts quickly grabbed the remains of the droid and tried to escape back to the Millennium Falcon, but encountered a squad of stormtroopers of their way out. While Solo tried to use another way at first, Batross choose to surrender immediately. While the two were being led to the interrogation room, Solo demanded from Batross not to reveal any information, regardless of the torture.[1]


Though Han Solo resisted the torture, Batross cracked as soon as he was strapped in, revealing all information about Sollima and their mission. Captain Taavin of the Galactic Empire then ordered to release both prisoners and gave them a choice: stand a trial for sabotage and treason or double-cross Sollima and help the Empire establish control on the Hollow Moon. He revealed to them that the Imperial authorities have already persuaded the Hutts to turn the moon over to the Empire and all that was left to do was to get someone inside the gambling network to disable its defense system, which would made establishment of Imperial control significantly easier. According to Taavin's plan, Batross and Solo would complete their mission and return the remains of the droid to Sollima, then use the security key provided by Taavin to override the gambling network's security code. As the only alternative for the counterparts was the prison, they had no choice but to agree.[1]

Solo Batross

Billal Batross pretends to betray Han Solo.

Upon arriving back at the Hollow Moon, Solo and Batross reached Sollima' office and presented him droid's data core, modified by Imperial engineers to look intact. The Allena crime lord was displeased with the violation of his orders and ordered his bodyguards to shoot both scoundrels, when Batross pretended to betray his partner, revealing that Solo was working for the Empire. This discovery drew away Sollima's attention for a time enough for Batross to activate a bomb hidden inside droid's former data core and throw it at two gangster's bodyguards, both of whom were killed in the explosion. Both Humans and the Aleena survived the explosion relatively intact and in the ensuing chaos Han Solo used Taavin's security key to disable the gambling network's defense system, allowing the Imperial Fleet to take control over the gambling establishment.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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