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In 3 ABY, the Freemakers undertook a mission took place on Ningoth to find the fifth Kyber Saber crystal. They used the submarine Bubbly Snubbly to search the oceans of Ningoth. Following some negotiation, the Freemakers managed to obtain the crystal from an Opee sea killer. Before they could leave offworld, the Freemakers were ambushed by Naare and Graballa, who stole the crystal.


Following the Battle of Hoth, the Force-sensitive Rowan Freemaker and his family encountered the false Jedi Naare, who offered to train Rowan as a Jedi in exchange for helping her find the pieces of the Kyber Saber.[3] The Freemakers eventually discovered that Naare was actually a Sith agent in the service of the Emperor. After fleeing Naare, the Freemakers traveled to Takodana where they obtained the fourth Kyber Saber crystal from Maz Kanata.[1] Before they could leave Takodana, Naare arrived and stole the crystal.[2]

In order to prevent Naare from reforging the Kyber Saber, the Freemakers decided to steal the other pieces before Naare could get to them. After learning the next two crystals were on Ningoth and Naboo, the Freemakers decided to travel to the distant watery world of Ningoth first. They reasoned they would attract less attention there than on the more populous Naboo. Unknown to them, their conversations were being watched and listened to by Naare, who had planted a homing beacon on the B1 battle droid Roger's transmission pack.[2]

The missionEdit

For the mission, Zander Freemaker had built a submarine called the Bubbly Snubbly to travel through Ningoth's oceans. Since Roger feared that the sea water would damage his metallic body, the droid opted to guard the StarScavenger. While traveling through the oceans, the Freemakers stumbled upon an opee sea killer, which was using a light on its antennae to hunt fish. Since the Bubbly Snubbly had its own lamp, the opee sea killer mistook them for competition.[2]

Rowan soon sensed that the opee sea killer was using the Kyber Saber crystal to hunt for food. Rowan was able to communicate with the opee sea killer and convince it to trade the crystal for their submarine's light bulb. The opee sea killer agreed and the Freemakers were able to return to the surface. Zander then contacted Roger and arranged for the droid to use the StarScavenger's crane to pick up the Bubbly Snubbly. However, Naare and the Hutt crime lord Graballa soon arrived on their starships Eclipse Fighter and Rancor's Fist.[2]

While Roger exchanged fire with the Rancor's Fist, the other Freemakers used the Bubbly Snubbly and the crane's chain to drag Naare's ship underwater. Following an underwater struggle, the Freemakers were able to sever the chain and launch into the StarScavenger's cargo hold. Before they could seal the doors, Naare was able to use the Force to levitate the fifth Kyber Saber crystal out of Rowan's reach. The Freemakers managed to escape by launching into hyperspace. Their jump generated a large ocean wave which flooded the Rancor's Fist's engines.[2]


Following the mission to Ningoth, the Freemakers traveled to Naboo in order to find the sixth Kyber Saber crystal. They discovered that the crystal was housed inside the former Theed Royal Palace, which had been revamped as the Emperor Palpatine Museum. Naare was able to use Roger's transmission pack to track down the Freemakers and steal the sixth crystal.[2] To prevent Naare from finding the seventh, the Freemakers traveled to Zoh to seek out the Maker of Zoh.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mission to Ningoth first appeared in the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures episode "The Kyber Saber Crystal Chase", which first premiered on Disney XD on August 1, 2016.


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