"The Codes from Kashyyyk will get us into the Holonet. But we need to encrypt the message. There's an old decryption module that might be just what we need."
―Luke Skywalker[src]

The mission to Ord Mantell was the second step in the Rebellion's plan to keep the Empire away from Echo Base.


"If the Imperials follow their search plan, they'll find Echo Base in days. We need to send them on a wild goose chase."
―Han Solo[src]

After stealing imperial plans escaping from the Darth Vader's flagship, Renegade Squadron realized that the Empire will be able to trace their stolen plans to Echo Base. That is why Han Solo devised an plan to keep the Empire away from the hidden Rebel base. After protecting the Wookiee resistance from an imperial attack, meeting with Luke Skywalker and stealing the Imperial Codes from the Imperial garrison stationed on Kashyyyk, Han, Chewie, Artoo and Luke made a hasty retreat of Kashyyyk and set course for Ord Mantell to meet with Princess Leia and get an decryption module.

The missionEdit

"The Savrips may have the decryption module. I sent C-3PO in to make contact, but his team hasn't reported back."
―Princess Leia Organa[src]

Before the Millennium Falcon arrived, Leia sent C-3PO and a squad of rebel troopers to make contact with the Mantellian Savrips and learn if they had the decryption module. The squad was ambushed by an imperial patrol and later attacked by a group of savrips. The savrips disassembled C-3PO and took it's parts to their lair.

After the Falcon landed and Han, Chewbacca, Artoo and Luke met with Leia, they decided to rescue Treepio. After saving the surviving rebels and collecting C-3PO's parts, the Heroes of Yavin found the savrips' lair, where the protocol droid's torso was located. After repairing Treepio and making peace with the Mantellian Savrips, they found out from the savrip chief the imperials had the decryption module.

After following Leia to the imperial outpost and defeating multiple squads of stormtroopers, the Heroes found the decryption module. However, on their way back to the Millennium Falcon, they were stopped by the bounty hunters Dengar and IG-88 and a group of stormtroopers and probots. After evading the trap and defeating the bounty hunters, the group of rebels escaped the planet in search for the only holoforger capable of encrypting the rebels' message.


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