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An officer: "I wonder what happened."
An other: "Frankly, Sir, I doubt we'll ever know."
―Two Imperial officers[src]

The Mission to Qiaxx was a mission undertaken in 4.5 ABY by former Emperor's Hand Mara Jade to eliminate Dequc and the Black Nebula.


"Dequc is a Jeodu who is seeking to revive Black Sun. He calls his organization Black Nebula."

Shortly before the Battle of Endor, Emperor's Hand Mara Jade was tasked by Emperor Palpatine to eliminate the leader of the Black Nebula criminal organization, Dequc. She failed her mission and was not able to pursue it due to the death of her master.

Mara fights in cantina

Mara Jade fights the Black Nebula in the Phorliss cantina.

After her evasion from Coruscant, Mara Jade traveled to the planet Phorliss in order to begin a new life. Calling herself Chiara Lorn, she begins working as a waitress in a cantina. However she was soon caught up by her past. Black Nebula goons tried to shakedown bartender Gorb Drig, and end up murdering him. Enraged at the men, she ignited her lightsaber and slaughters the goons. She took Drig's money to use in her newfound mission: revenge on Dequc and Black Nebula.

The missionEdit

Strok: "People like Dequc are the future of the galaxy. If you're smart, you'll get on board while you still can."
Jade: "I guess that makes me not smart then."
Strok and Mara Jade[src]
Paltonae arrested

Baroness Paltonae is arrested.

Mara Jade made her way to the Bubble Cliffs of Qiaxx, where Dequc has moved his operations. In a casino, she uses the Force to win enough money to gain attention to herself, posing as Baroness Paltonae. Jade was taken to see Lord Allic, who accuses her of cheating. She pretended that a small device she had concocted has allowed her to win, and Allic arranged for her to meet Dequc, so he might purchase some of the devices. After the meeting with Allic, she scouted the place where she will meet with Dequc.

The next day, Mara Jade was being taken to the meeting when she caused a disturbance with the Force which allows her to stash her lightsaber on a floating light. She was then recognized by Captain Strok, her old Imperial liaison on Svivren, but managed to knock him out and accuse him of being an Imperial spy before he can reveal her identity. Next Mara was taken to Dequc, to whom she gives a datapad of false information. She was then given a tour of the Black Nebula facilities, giving her a layout of the base. During her tour, she found Strok once again but was forced to kill the man. Dequc's forces heard the shot and pursued her, while she managed to use the Force to retrieve her lightsaber and eliminate the guards.

Dequc lightsaber

The death of Dequc.

Mara Jade eventually found a bust of Prince Xizor's head and rigs it with her lightsaber inside. When she was finally caught, she pretended to be a thief stealing the bust. Once she was taken to Dequc, she telled him she was stealing it because it was also Xizor's own treasure map. When Dequc tried to investigate the bust, she activated the lightsaber, which ignited and stabed Dequc through the head. After have killed some other guards, Mara discovered Dequc's secret passage and escaped with Dequc's personal yacht.


"The ship's computer is crammed to the faceplate with Black Nebula records. With all of this, we've got a good chance of taking down the whole rannest"
―An Imperial officer[src]

All that the Imperial authorities find after the mission was Dequc's abandoned yacht, filled with Black Nebula computer records.



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